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With more than half a century of experience Select Sire Power has become the trusted choice for successful cattle reproductive solutions. Our staff of skilled and experienced professionals, top quality products, and superior semen allows us to provide you with exceptional results.

Let us be part of your breeding program or let us educate you to "do-it-yourself." Select Sire Power is a working cooperative, ready to serve the member-owner customers to the highest satisfaction. Select Sire Power offers programs geared to offering sires that provide optimum profitability (through PGA) and identifies new opportunities daily through various programs such as Select Mating Service (SMS), Program for Fertility Advancement (PFA) and genderSELECTed Semen. Let us be a part of your future.

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The 2014 Wayne Dudley Scholarship Program is active, applications are due January 31, 2014

Click here for a PDF file of the 2014 application

Click here for a Word Doc file of the 2014 application


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